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It has been said that, “new knowledge is created at the boundaries of the old”.  A few years ago, a cloud was something that floated through the sky, but now it means something entirely different. The Cloud today is used for data storage. Disruption used to be the exception. Now it is the new normal. We are witnessing unprecedented change due to the advancement in technology and the Internet. The landscape of business is changing daily. Technology will definitely change the notary business in the days to come.  Digital signatures can now be used on electronic documents and in my opinion will be the standard in the near future.  The ones who embrace change will be able to take advantage of new opportunities. Read Precision Notary Group Tech News to stay informed

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Precision Notary Newsletter

Precision is an integral part of the notarial process. The Precise Notary is a monthly publication that is used to keep notaries informed about new innovations and news from the business world that affects their businesses.

The Spring 2019 issue of The Precise Notary is now available. The Precise Notary Spring 2019 (Previous issues can be found in the Precision Newsletter - Archive.)

Notary Terms of the Month

Attestation Clause:  the statement a witness sings who is attesting the signature of a document as a witness

Codicil :  a document that modifies the terms of a will

Conveyance: a document affecting or changing the title/ownership of real property


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